Who we are – What we do

From the live instruments of Cheap House arises an electronic fever primed with massive, uplifting energy. The rapturous echo of this trance vibrates at the pace of berliner clubs neon, reverberating in the streets of west and south London and in the roots of afro-carribean music. It carries the message of four fiery minds, a resolution to make the crowds unite and dance in everlasting nights.

Cheap House aims to reflect and amplify the energy that binds us all together into a chain of emotional beings.

It doesn’t matter that we are 15 people in an intimate underground club, or ten thousand at a full open-air stage : there is always a vibe, a wave to surf on.

Cheap House takes on that wave, gets on it, and surfs all the way to the horizon.


We were born inside the OMEZIS Collective – a collective of young artists from Strasbourg who try to expand the notion of jazz to a creative philosophy. Jazz is a way to express freedom, shout contempt and love at the same time. It is a very good tool to unite communities and OMEZIS people think it should be used as such, and not just as a label to put on a specific aesthetic. Jazz is not a genre : it has been made a genre.

We think of the art of DJing as an art of improvisation. At each show, something happens, thousands of energies circulate through the room and it is the role of the DJ-improviser to make them converge into a common direction.

Improvising with the tools of techno, acid, house, d&b, bass music, as a fully live band, is to close the imaginary gap between jazz and the rest.